Thursday, October 16, 2008

People...and what I love about them.

Working with the public, it only takes one bad customer to make us say, "Have I told you how much I hate people?" I don't really hate people. I and truly annoyed by stupid, ignorant, overbearing, nasty... you get it.

So I want to focus on what I love about people.

I pray that the day never comes when I forget to appreciate....

**My girls calling me when they are bored. I never tire of the silly pointless calls. "Whatcha doin?" And I promise to try not to be annoyed when they come one right after the other, or 5 in a 30 min timespan. ;0)

**My girls hugging me hard when we say goodbye. I never want us to be too busy or too caught up in our own crap to forget to love each other madly and completely, the way I love them.

**I stop cherishing the small comments in conversation (real and IM) and email from friends that aren't meant to suck up, but still warm your heart in the best way. There are people how love you, and like you, and care about you and while they don't have to say those words, they tell you everyday. They call, they check on you when they know it's not going so well, and they send you silly jokes and pictures to make you smile. In short they remember you exist and some days, it's nice to be reminded.

**I love the way babies smile. Babies and puppies are always so excited to see you. Unconditional love is so rare these days, or maybe we're just too bogged down with everyday stuff to recognize innocent joy when we see it. And their laughter is a drug. I can't get enough

**Random acts of kindness. Everyone is so busy. Hold a door for someone. Ask how they are and actually listen. Learn people's first names and use them. Connect ya'll, it only hurts the first time, I promise. And it gets easier. If you haven't seen the movie Pay It Forward, that's your homework this weekend.

There will be a quiz

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