Sunday, October 12, 2008

I want to smack Marc Broussard.

Okay... first let me introduce you to Marc Broussard. You can listen to some stuff there.

I love him actually. I have all the CD's.

But the latest CD, KEEP COMING BACK messed me up.

I put the CD in the car as normal, and I called Tricia to see if she needed anything from the store, so I turned down the volume. I look up a little while, okay half way home (it's me and Tricia..duh!) and the CD player says it's on TRACK 60 of an 11 track CD. My heart stopped. How am I ever gonna get an apartment if things on the car start breaking. (and while someone might argue that the CD player is not an essential part of the vehicle, have you met me? Seriously!)

So I turn up the volume, momentarily forgetting to pay attention the conversation with Tricia. (sorry babe) Whew! it's a hidden track. Nice, lovely. My heart starts beating again. Then I start the song over and listen. It's called Evangeline Rose.

I'm gonna post the lyrics here, and really I'm not trying to infringe on any copyright. I want ya'll to fall for the music too!

Evangeline Rose

(Verse 1)
Good evening, Evangeline Rose
My you're looking beautiful, In your ribbons and bows.
Been missing you, out here on the road,
So many things to say to you, Things you should know
But honestly these words I speak
Said on the phone when I'm long gone
Just don't say what I need you to hear
Don't worry if my words aren't clear
When I hang up this phone
I'm comin' home
(Verse 2)
Good evening, Evangeline Rose
My how the days pass so fast, my how you've grown
And I'm wondering, how long you've known
That you give me all the reason and the rhyme
With a simple hello
But when I'm gone, one day's too long
I miss so much, I can't touch
The moments, the laughter, the pain
There's so much I can't explain
Right here right now on the phone
I'm comin' home
And these tires on the road they hum a melody so sweet
And they whisper words that only you would say
And though they take me from the only place I ever felt complete
My dear, they always take me home
(Verse 3)
Good evening, Evangeline Rose
My you're looking beautiful, in your ribbons and bows
As you take my arm, I smile and you know
That I can give your hand away today
But I'll never let you go
And honestly, I cannot speak
My little girl, my whole world
Time stood still, for a while
Watch you walking down the aisle
My sweet Evangeline Rose
It's good to be home


My kids aren't little anymore, but I miss coming home to them. I miss being woke up in the morning by them not so much. LOL.

I miss the way that Ashley didn't seem to be able to watch TV unless I was her backrest or pillow. I miss having Carissa's smile greet me, but she's been out on her own for a little longer. Ashley's the one I left home when I moved out. I feel like I abandoned her, even if she is 18 and all grown up now.

Something is missing and Marc Broussard's song did just a little bit of putting it to words. Sigh....

I love a verse from one of the other tracks on the CD too.

From the song Evil Things.

The evil things that I've done
Wash away in the warmth of your sun
The broken man that you see
Is not me, no, just a shadow where I used to be

Okay.. I really look forward to being able to say that to someone.


okay i'm all done being introspective and mildly depressed.

True Blood is on..and I can't be bummed listening to Jace Everett

I mean ...he wants to do bad

Where do you sign up for that job??


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