Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've finally figured out the secret to STARBUCKS. THEY REFUSE TO LET THE BALL DROP!

I can't believe I was actually happy to move home and back to the land of covenience. The only thing "convenient" about the American institutions, convenience stores, is that you can't go 3 blocks without tripping over one. It would be nice if you could actually get something you wanted or needed at one, but I suppose that is just asking too much.

I think I scared people to death today when I came in and threw my cup of coffee at the sink. (Give me credit, it ALMOST made it) I'm ashamed, but still really annoyed. I'm not one of those spoiled little rich girls, who take for granted that they can blow any amount of money on anything they halfway think they need. Coffee is important!! And now I refuse to feel guilty for spending $5 or more for GOOD COFFEE!!

And I was delusional enough to think that Starbucks would encourage other establishments to up their game. How wrong of me? It's made them less attentive than ever. They come up with interesting and intriguing new flavors, spend tons on advertising, and then don't encourage the employees to give a crap about preparing and maintaining a quality supply. Dutch Apple sounded perfect for a chilly morning. Rain clouds on the horizon seconded that quickly. I make my cofee, rush to the car,
I get half way home and reach for the cup at my side and it's COLD. The COFFEE IS COLD. WHAT THE...?

So as of today, I'm gonna be as spoiled as I wanna be when it comes to coffee.