Thursday, October 23, 2008

I could survive for 51 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

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I had to! I saw this on another blog and it just sort of clicked itself.


And a very odd way to start the morning. Or maybe it's an offshoot of having the cat on my all day yesterday. I finally asked Hercules at 1 am, "Is it me? Do I seem needy today?" It was sweet at 3pm to lay down and watch TV and have the kitty snuggle. But at 11pm when I was trying to write, and the cat was sprawled across my chest with one little thumb-claw flexing against my jugular, I wasn't quite so amused.

I did finish the scene I was writing, and about 2 am, Hercules of the Spread Myself Very Wide Clan decided to move his nap over to the folded clean laundry. (which was brought to me by a very adorable 4 year old who looked terrified the he was gonna drop it. I'm fairly sure that if my lap hadn't already been occupied territory, he would have put it there.)

Back to the writing....

I really enjoyed it last night. And I feel ashamed to admit it. I was anti-social. I holed up with the cat in the front room, with my headphones on. The odd thing is thatsome how some kids think that we can magically hear them with headphones on, when they know darn well that they can't hear us when they have theirs in. Or maybe, just maybe, they are faking it and assume that we are too? Hmm? I may have just cracked a section of the Teenage Rosetta Stone!!)

I also feel guilty because the scene I wrote was horrible. I mean that it was a scene after a funeral. There were tears (apparently from a reader, and I'm flattered) and it was emotional. You know how you feel after a good cry, all drained and limp? Yeah that! I felt that way when I shut off the computer and I didn't even have to cry. Which is a good thing because, it would have annoyed the cat! I wrote the last half of the scene, with his head on my wrist, his pay on the little pointing device pad on the laptop. (that made life fun. And yes it can be paw activated.)

So I've been told this morning, (Hello Tricia!!) that I have to get my butt back to writing. I left it off, with the next view indicated, and I'm evidently a huge slacker because I'm writing this instead. The whip has been cracked! I'm off today, so that means I have no excuse.

Tricia, Karen, Pam.... I'm heading back to the grindstone...promise....


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