Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy days...

Today day feels like a lazy day...

But it's not.

I got up, cleaned up and I do have to work tonight. I was supposed to be off, but I got a call a few minutes ago. (this is karma for ditching my shifts yesterday and I'm content with paying the piper) If I had two full days off, something bizarre would happen; it might hail frogs or something biblical, seriously.

I don't feel motivated to do much of anything.

I have a book I could be reading.

I have various work related things that I probably should be doing.

I can't seem to get motivated enough to change out of the Scooby Doo PJ bottoms I have on. Comfy counts for a lot.

So I have the iTunes on (CD: People Gonna Talk Artist: James Hunter) and I've updated my profile, commented on some blogs, and read some email. I'm bored again.

Maybe it's not so much a Lazy Day, as an Attention Deficit day?

I should make a list (ah be still my little Virgo Heart), and that way at least as I bounce from task to task, I'll get something accomplished. (I mean I logged online a couple of hours ago to 1. read Tricia's blogs, 2. catch up on the Delbert McClinton forum.

I haven't gone to Delbert's site yet.

Maybe I need more coffee? (less is not an option)

The mood is probably left over from yesterday.

Dominic turned three, and we went to his part at Chuck E Cheese. Ashley didn't make it because she was at work, but it felt odd to have us there as a group, but to not be a group like we used to be. The being friends thing is gonna be a long time coming I think. Warm and Fuzzy is a distant glow on the horizon. I don't feel anything. I'm not angry and I've run out of sad. But I don't like the empty feeling.

I am just scared I'm going to end up finding something not so great to fill the space. I'm not looking for frivolous or quick and easy, or quick and complicated. But from the very outside looking in, quick and complicated would probably be very easy to fall into.


Off to read and post on Delbert's site...or at least read and find out all about all the stuff I'm missing.


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