Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Being the boss sucks ... a lot!

Things are bad all over, but I'm to the point that I don't have the patience to put up with people's lazy, and lax attitudes towards the job they have.

If you signed on to do a job, and expect to get paid, am I wrong in thinking that the employees should do the job? Is that too much to ask. I have had to hear multiple complaints from the few customers we are actually getting these days and I've had it up to here. Twice.

So everyone is getting the same talking to. Sadly this is the same way I used to scold my children. They get the same talk, so they can't say they are getting treated differently. And at this point I really do feel like I'm babysitting.
Not a good sign.

The problems all started when minimum wage went up. Some people got raises of a sort to bring them up to the new wage. Some people were already making that or more, and they got nothing, (myself included). But I'm ok, as it gets. I understand that if the company were making lots of money right now, they would have worked out something. But things suck everywhere. The economy is tanked and the first thing to go is the entertainment budget. While the video store is still cheaper than going to the movie theater, it's not cheap.

And annoyed employees aren't productive.

Well newsflash.

Annoyed bosses are far from being good for the work environment either.

I'm not the sort of boss that puts up with everyone else goofing off while I'm working. And I'm doing my crap so... I'm not going to pay them to do nothing. If I'm going to end up doing their job, they sure as heck won't be there to watch me do it.

In other news...the kids are both unemployed, but I think I got Ashley hired on at the other video store. Carissa, who already worked for the company before, can't comeback because she used to date the owners son. And of course the break up is her fault. We'll refrain from talking about how immature, stalker-riffic, and nuts the boy has acted since they broke up. Or how unprofessional the owner reacted. Homelife stuff should have remained at home. Work should be about work and if the person can do the job. Not whether or not she is DONE putting up with your son's bulls@#t.

Oh wait..I did say it outloud. Meant it too.

And that has nothing to do with the lack of raise. It's personal.

More later...