Sunday, August 2, 2009


No song lyrics (so far!)

This has been a year for change, so they say. I've decide to embrace it!
Not necessarily, the new administration, but the concept.

I started with my attitude. I realized that the place I was in, single/divorced, alone...was something I'd actually wanted for a while, but had been to scared of, to go for. Sadly, there was someone else involved in the equation, and he got hurt when things went past their time. We both did.

With a good friends encouragement (read that as PUSHY NATURE) I have gone after and acquired a new job. All my friends and family are being wonderful in their support. I'm terrified to make this step, but I know they are right behind me and won't let me fall.

So with all this change, I decided there were other bad habits I needed to let go of. Soda went at New Year. TV (minus True Blood!!! and snippets with the rest of the house) is gone. I have picked up books again. I missed reading.

I've let go of some other attachments that weren't getting me anywhere.

I've found new music to get excited about and broadened my horizons that way too.

I feel good.

This second half of the year is gonna rock! I won't give it any other option.

Reading: 1.This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession (Paperback) by: Daniel J. Levitin
2. Dead as A Doornail by Charlaine Harris
3. Deadly Night by Heather Graham

Listening to: Keep Coming Back by Marc Broussard
Salvation in Lights : Mike Farris
Leap of Faith: Seth Walker

Last movies watched:

Taking Chance (kevin bacon)
A Haunting in Connecticut (spooky)
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (can't wait for the next one!!!)