Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Post Concert Blues

I really think there's a country song in this.

(Although I still have to pitch the idea for a song about getting to and from a show fueled up on Red Bull and Gummi Bears. Yes it works.)

Even if you don't get super hyped before the show, the actual show is more than enough to shoot your adrenaline levels off the chart. So then you get home on the fumes. The next day you get to share stories. You can still feel the thrum of the bassline in your bones, and there's that odd hearing dysfunction in at least one ear.

You have that ghost of a hand-stamp that you only half tried to scrub off.

The next day, you still have a little bit of a "buzz". You're probably still humming that one song that really caught your ear, in those distracted moments. (I hum alot, I must be perpetually distracted.) (This week's hum-a-long is I'm With You)

The next couple of days are miserable. You're grumpy. It's like a drug, and you need a fix, and you know you can't have one for a long time.

But the REALLy awesome thing (okay awesome to me, Tricia is about to throw something at my head) I dont' even get to complete the cycle because I'm heading down to NC in 5 days to do it all over again. That reminds me I need to do laundry and pack.) Because I work my tail off between now and Friday, but it'll be worth it.

The trip to DC for the show on Friday was quite the treat for Halloween. From last Sunday, to include up until today, I worked 79 hours (yep in 7 days) I actually gave away 2 seven hour shifts. So it could have been worse.

And somehow I managed to watch 3 movies. Two oldies, CHANCES ARE, and HEART & SOULS (yeah I'm still in the Robert Downey fetish phase.) And GET SMART, with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. Hilarious, but you have to been a fan of the TV show I think to get it. Alan Arkin was great in it too.

Book: I'm trying hard to finish Rogue Hunter by Lyndsay Sands. I've got at least a dozen or two books in the waiting patiently to be read file. I'm slacking.

Music: Still lovin' Buddy Guy: Skin Deep
Marc Broussard: Keep Comin' Back
Richard Marx put out two via his website
and I'll admit here and now that I love the way he writes a song, and more often than not the way he sings it. Flame in Your It wasn't the best new song I heard this week, that award goes to RMc and the new one he tossed at us Friday night. Sigh...

Okay.. off to do that last 6 hours of 79 for the week.



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