Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's on your nightstand?

Tricia, stop laughing.

I say that because she knows that the company I work for has a store called NIGHTSTAND NOVELTIES and their tagline is "what's in your nightstand"
(yes it's THOSE kind of novelties, and yes we have a website, and yes I get a store discount, and yes I love to take people on field trips....)

Having the full run of the house here, I still keep my stuff in my room. So my nightstand, being by the door, is the catch all. I need a bigger nightstand.

There are two books (Diana Gabaldon's Fiery Cross & Michelle Bardsley's "I'm The Vampire That's Why") And that's the easy part.

1. Coffee cup: Navy rank. It was my Mom's. It's now a change/keys catcher because an 8 oz cup of coffee is a HUGE joke.
2. 43 cents in change that missed the cup.
3. a guitar pick Fender medium white pearl finish. Not sure where I got it. If it's yours and you need it back just ask. It's me. I should take it to the tanning bed and use it to mark the progress of my tan. It's more suitable to my addictions, I mean interests, than that lame playboy bunny sticker they give you. Wonder how hot it would get after 10 minutes of UV?

4. my sunglasses
5. a mountain dew (half full! See I'm being optimistic!!)

6. a post it not with some note that was important and meant something when I wrote it. I have no idea what it means now.
7. a vase of fake flowers. pink heather and something purple. The vase is crystal and a gift from my mom. She got it in Prague.
8. The lamp
9. Between the two books is the Garth Brooks Ultimate Hits thing. I was wondering where I laid it down.

The drawer has...(don't blush,it's safe)

1. tylenol,
2. another coffee cup.This one with my mother's maiden name and family crest. Are you starting to wonder if she has anything to drink out of?
3. a sharpie
4. a "mel" teenie beenie baby from McDonalds
5. a copy of my separation agreement.
6. cold pills that I don't need because I seem to have left my allergies and sinus problems at the old house (I got my car, I had to leave him something eh?)

that's it.
boring eh?

oo there's a shelf below.

photo album, the book I'm actually reading (Clive Cussler "Lost City"), and Bella's (the dog who runs this house)little red teddy bear. I was wondering where I tossed that.

I think I need to clear this sucker off eh?

But where else would I put the mystery guitar pick?


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